Nederlands Plus
It is an integrated electronic platform that allows you to manage all administrative procedures in your school in an easy and flexible way. You can manage courses and teachers and track students and their affairs such as contracts, invoices and attendance. The platform also provides a banch of reports and outputs required by the school and its related parties.
The platform is developed by specialists with high experience with the help of language teaching specialists since 2018 and it is used by several language schools, new functions and features are constantly added in each version to meet customers' requirements
Services & Functions
Student management
By this service you can register students, add them to courses, upload student files, follow up on the status and attendance of the student. This service also provides exporting students data in multiple forms and printing student documents such as contracts, invoices, registration form etc, in addition to ability to export all student documents as zip file, you can also import Duo exam results and check students homework, their exam results, and login log. It also contains an archive to save old students' data
Course management
Courses can be created and linked to the course location and teachers. It also provides the ability to export course data and archive old courses.
The program contains a course generator that automatically generates lectures according to the course start date and the number of lectures, taking into account all holidays defined by the system, and the program checks for any conflicts in the lectures with other courses for the same teacher or the same place. In Addition to the ability to cancel or add the lectures manually as needed.
This function also provides a calendar to display all course lectures data for a desired date.
Employees management
This service provides the ability of adding administrative staff and teachers, inserting their data, uploading thier documents, and exporting employee data. It also allows defining the levels of courses that the teacher can teach, and the times and places where the teacher is available.
Besides this service provides a teaching report which contains information about courses, the number and percentage of teaching hours for every teacher.
Statistics and indexes
It is possible to manage all the common data of the school so that you can define the locations, classrooms, generic holidays and specific holidays per locations, in addition to the levels and fees of the courses, as well as the school information that is printed on the reports.
The platform also provides all the statistics required from schools such as the number of students for each education level and the results of the duo exams, as well as statistics about the courses and teachers.
Teacher portal
It is a platform dedicated to the teacher, where the teacher can view the information of the courses he teaches and the lesson times. The teacher can also approve the students ’attendance, assign homework and enter the results of the course tests.
In addition to the ability to upload educational content for students like videos and pdf files.
Student portal
It is a platform for students where the student can view the information of his courses and lectures.
The student can also register attendance electronically and view the homework assigned to him, the results of his tests and the educational materials for his courses
User management
By this service, it is possible to add users and grant permissions to each user according to the tasks assigned to him, thus the user can access only the functions and actions granted to him.
Also the admin user can activate or deactivate the users when needed.
Other functions
The platform provides a set of auxiliary functions such as following up the student complaints and archiving the decisions of the school meetings.
The platform also provides the function of defining and following up the course workflow to guide the work of the administrative employees.
No Of Students Price / Month
(Monthly Advance)
Price / Quarter
(Quarterly Advance)
Price / Year
(Yearly Advance)
1-100 €50 €140 €540
101-250 €100 €285 €1080
251-500 €150 €430 €1620
501-above €200 €570 €2160
Setup Cost (One Time) €1000 €1000 €1000

*All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT.

*The contract can always be canceled before the next payment is due.

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